Assignment 2 - Level 100

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This assignment begins the semester. It tests our ideas and knowledge about the arguments we have so far read on media effects from Denis McQuail's Mass Communication Theory (5th Edition) Read - Part 7 chapters 17 -19.

Listen to the documentary by UK's former Minister for Interior - Jacqui Smith's Documentary on the pornography industry and its effects on the audience.

Link: - or

And the Daily Telegraph's reaction to the documentary -

Note - You have only 7 days access to the audio link on the BBC.

Consider these issues:
- Relate your group's opinions to the arguments raised in the documentary. In addition, examine how the various phases of the media effects research and theory discussed by McQuail relates to the discussions in the documentary.

- You may also consider the discussions on how the media 'mediates' the conditions of effect

- As McQuail points there are numerous contextual interventions that come into play during the exposure to the media and the media's effect on the audience. In the documentary some of these socio-cultural and political interventions are raised, what are some of these that condition the effects of the exposure to pornography.

- Can such a documentary be accepted and done by an MP in Ghana? Give reasons to support your answer.
(Read on the spiral of silence theory)

Assessment Criteria
- This assignment takes 10 credit points
- Present a 5 (five) page paper
- The Paper should include appropriate in text citations and references
- Use Time Roman - 12 fonts with 1.5 line spacing. Double spacing for paragraphs.
- Include Team's Name with each member's name & index number
- Include each member's role he or she played in the team.

  • All assignments must be handed in to the class representative by 10.30 am of Friday 18th of March 2011.
  • No excuses accepted for late hand-ins.
  • Class Presentation - 18th and 25th of March